Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (2023)

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps.


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Windows 11 was made available with a new look so users won’t get bored with the same old interface.

But do you know what was still missing? Although Windows 11 added a lot of features, it missed out on live wallpapers. Windows users have been waiting for live wallpaper support for a long time.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (1)

If you want to make your Windows 11 desktop livelier, you will have to take the help of other third-party apps and get live wallpapers on your desktop. These apps will help you turn videos or GIFs into live wallpapers. Other than that, some apps even provide direct live wallpapers for you to use.

Currently, there are thousands of live wallpapers available for Windows 11, but there are very few live wallpaper apps for the same. Some of these apps are free to use while others are subscription based.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (2)

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So if you are looking for some apps that can help you change the look of your desktop, check out some of the following Windows 11 Live Wallpaper apps.

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wallpaper engine

it is the best choice for such apps because it even allows you to create your own live wallpapers using hundreds of patterns and images from the library. You can try different variations and mix and match as many wallpapers as you like to create the perfect background for your system.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (3)

Wallpaper Engine allows you to customize all the wallpapers, and some of the interactive wallpapers even react when you move or click the mouse. The best thing is that this tool supports most of the commonly used aspect ratios, so it will not be difficult for you to find the right one for your desktop.

Even if you are playing in the background, you will not notice any difference in performance due to these live wallpapers. But please note that there is no free version available for this app. You will need to pay $3.99 to get live wallpaper on your Windows 11 system.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (4)

Animated wallpaper

It is the first free Windows live wallpaper app that works seamlessly with Windows 11. It is available on the Microsoft Store. So you can get Windows 11 wallpaper for free from this app. Lively Wallpaper supports most aspect ratios, so you don’t have to worry even if you’re using an ultra-wide monitor.

Even if the app is free, you don’t miss out on any features. You can set videos, animated GIFs and more as live wallpaper through this app. Apart from that, Lively Wallpaper also allows you to set live wallpapers from different online sources.

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As the tool is quite lightweight, you will not have to worry about your system performance being affected. The best thing about Lively Wallpaper is that when you are not on the desktop screen, the app will pause the live wallpaper to save RAM resources.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (5)


is a powerful tool to add different live wallpapers and widgets to your Windows 11 desktop. If you are thinking of customizing the look of your screen and widgets, then this is the right option for you.

Rainmeter allows you to choose from thousands of wallpapers and themes to create your own desktop background. The reason behind its immense popularity is that it offers many options with low resource usage.

Rainmeter can also help you add an animation to static images or use GIFs as live wallpapers. Windows software is open source and free to use. So you can enjoy the entire collection of rainmeter live wallpapers to customize the look of your screen.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (6)


is a simple and great live wallpaper app for Windows 11. The biggest attraction of this app is that you can even add macOS live wallpapers to your Windows 11 operating system. So if you want to get macOS look and feel on your Windows 11 system, this app can help you.

No configuration is required to apply live wallpapers on your system. You can even try the location-based personalization feature. Here, the background will keep changing based on the day and time of your location.

WinDynamicDesktop also allows you to change the desktop background automatically. This feature is useful when you connect your laptop to the TV as it will display images from your hard drive. Since the app is available for free, it’s worth trying to upgrade the look of your Windows 11.

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HD Wallpaper App Pro

If you are a fan of wallpapers, HD Wallpaper App Pro is a must for your system. You can browse through thousands of HD quality wallpapers in this app. You can expect new images of nature, space or anything you want in this app.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (7)

HD Wallpaper App Pro allows you to set different wallpapers and also lock screen backgrounds. Therefore, you can liven up your desktop with these fascinating wallpapers. You can change the backgrounds manually or set them to change automatically at a specific time.

It’s a paid app on the Microsoft Store, but it’s worth changing the look of your desktop screen.

desktop landscapes

It is another Windows 11 utility tool to personalize your desktop with live wallpapers, videos and images. You can use an image from the existing collection or even create something of your own. DeskScapes also offers more than 50 special effects to customize live wallpapers to your liking and other color effects.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (8)

DeskScapes supports multiple monitors and also different resolutions. So there is no need to worry about the aspect ratio compatibility of each wallpaper. You can easily create an animated live wallpaper and use the preview feature to see how your system will look like.

DeskScapes offers high-quality dynamic wallpapers to spice up your boring desktop. You can start with a 30-day free trial to get familiar with the tool. You can even buy the full version of DeskScapes for $3.72.

X Live Wallpaper

If you have used Lively Wallpaper then you will surely like to use because this is a modified version of Lively Wallpaper. You can make your desktop look active and playful with this application.

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X Live Wallpaper allows you to set different videos, GIFs, emulators and even games as your live wallpaper. All you need to do is drag and drop any web page or file onto the animated application windows. This will automatically set it as a dynamic wallpaper for your system.

It is quite easy to use the tool and it adds spice to your desktop screen. Say goodbye to boring desktops with this app.


it is a bit similar to Wallpaper Engine. You can fully customize the look of your desktop by adding live wallpapers that contain clocks, weather, images, text, videos, and more. RainWallpaper provides full customization opportunities for all Windows 11 systems.

Some of the best features of RainWallpaper include support for a multi-monitor setup, lots of controls, design tools, interaction with system elements and some more. Another great thing is that whenever you play a high-end game or use any app in full screen, RainWallpaper will prevent dynamic theme from keeping your system performance.

RainWallpaper also offers 2D and 3D wallpaper options to play around with dynamic looks. Thus, you can personalize your desktop with live wallpaper through this tool and not affect system performance one bit. It is a paid application that you can buy on Steam.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (9)

free wallpapers

is another free app available on the Microsoft Store that provides you with thousands of videos and images. The artists working at Free Wallpapers curate thousands of 4K quality videos and images for you.

The app will make it easy to set a video as live wallpaper and optimize it to save your system battery. You can choose from various themes and categories when setting your personalized live wallpaper.

The Free Wallpapers app is quite easy to use and explore. You can search through the entire collection of images and videos to find the right one for your system. If you upgrade to the Pro version, you can even download any wallpaper to your PC.

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Conclusion 💻

If you use your computer for daily work, you should consider adding a new look to your system. With Windows Live Wallpaper, you can add activity to your Windows 11 system and feel animated every time you turn on your desktop. These apps will be very helpful in setting a live wallpaper for Windows 11.

Bring your Windows 11 desktop to life with these 9 wallpaper apps – SamaGame (10)

Take a look at these new features of Windows 11.


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