Cayo Coco, Cuba - January Weather (2023)

What's the Weather like in Cayo Coco in January


Cayo Coco, one of theCaribbean's best kept secrets, is reason enough to visitCuba. Found just off its northern coast, this little pocket of paradise may once have been a bandit hideout, yet is now by far one of the most alluring holiday destinations in the entire region. Luxury, all-inclusive resorts may have moved in, that's true, but the overwhelming majority of this isle is still blissfully untouched. The luscious pristine landscape and incredibly varied off-shore coral reef is what has made Cayo Coco a revered scuba diving destination for decades. Nature lovers, who want to indulge in a little luxury whileexploring a new part of the world, will lovethis beautiful corner of the world.From horseback riding on the beach to snorkelling, catamaran sailing and scuba diving, Cayo Coco offers a multitude of fun and exciting activities for people of all ages.

Cubais a popularCaribbeandestination all year long, yet the excessive heat and humidity of the wet season tends to keep crowds at bay for the duration of theEuropeansummer.Cayo Coco, a little islet off the northern coast of the country, and connected to it via a causeway, is a particularly quiet and idyllic spot where discerning travellers come to enjoy the best of the country, along with lovely weather.

January is the coldest months of the year but is stil a brilliant time to visitCayo Coco, as although this may indeed be cold forCuba, it is by no means anywhere near the kind of cold one can expect in continentalEuropeorNorth America.

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Theaverage monthly temperaturein January is a splendid 22°C, although in the first and last week of the month you can expecthighsof 27°C. The lowest temps are to be expected mid-month, but will usually not go below 17°C. This is the ideal month to bask in the glorious sunshine as the UV index will still be moderate.Sea temperatureswill boast a balmy 26°C which is ideal for most people.

What makes visiting at this time of year so rewarding is that even the coolest temps are teamed up with crystal clear skies. At this latitude, cold is never paired with precipitation. Theaverage rainfallin January is expected to be only 26mm, randomly distributed over 7 days. Withaverage daily sunshineof 8 hours and such ideal conditions, you'll be able to fit in as many activities, into your leisurely days in Cayo Coco, as you heart desires.

Cayo Coco Hotels in January

Cayo Coco is known for its all-inclusive resorts andalthough all offer fantastic activities and services, there are a few which are particularly ideal for family holidays

TheSol Cayo Cocoboasts a variety of services aimed at keeping the little ones entertained as well as an array of fantastic extras for parents and older kids too. Built over an expanse of 60,000m² of stunning tropical landscapes, this resort boasts two private and connected beaches and is merely a skip away from the world's second-largest coral reef. There is a children's play corner and mini golf, as well as Club Cubamigos, where kids of all ages can be entertained and supervised. Other services include wellness treatments, fishing, sailing and diving tours, as well as horse-riding, scooter hiring and beach volleyball playing.

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Pestana Cayo Cocois another brilliant choice for families looking for a truly comprehensive resort with a myriad of child-oriented activities. This relative newcomer offers fantastic value for money deals and, although it is rated as a 4* establishments, the inclusion make it worth the splurge. Set amidst stunning gardens and boasting an absolute ocean front location, Pestana offers 4 restaurants, 5 bars, as well as day-long activity schedule for children up to 12 years of age and free use of sailboats, windsurfs and catamarans. The games room and beach sports ought to keep slightly older kids entertained; whilst the spa, gym and simply divine beach massages will do a great job of keeping parents very happy as well.

Cayo Coco Beach for January

A day trip toPlaya Pilaris also an absolute must whilst staying in Cayo Coco. This stunning, rock-free stretch of coast is about a 1.5hr drive from Sol Resort on an open-top bus, and the ride is also a brilliant way to enjoy an island sightseeing tour! There is a beach restaurant and bar so you can enjoy a full-day outing, and you can also rent beach umbrellas and lounge chairs for extra comfort. This is by far one of the most romantic spots on the entire island, making it ideal for couples.

Both private beaches at Sol and Pestana are fantastic, clean and offer full services, although the two at Sol Cayo Coco are particularly splendid and often rated as some of the best on the whole island. Pack your snorkel and head off to the rocks just off the shores or rent a hobie-cat to reach the coral reef. The variation and fluorescent colour of both coral and sea life here is truly outstanding.

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Bars and Restaurants

There are 4 restaurants atSol Cayo Cocowhere you can indulge in delicious Cuban-fusion cuisine. Arcada Restaurant holds a renowned dinner buffet whilst El Rincon Don Diego has a varied a-la-carte menu. The grill-bar El Penon boasts a fantastic beach location and has a more casual ambience, ideal for snacking between swims; whilst Saoco offers snacks and refreshments by the pool. At Sol Cayo Coco you'll have no less than 5 bars to choose from, all boasting charming decor and serving mouth-watering cocktails. Of special note is Playa Larga Bar, which is open from 11am to 3pm, is situated right ON the beach and gifts simply superb coastal views. Nightly shows are the norm here at Sol Cayo Coco, so whether you want to boogie or enjoy some lively animation you'll find something to keep you entertained every night.

AtPestanayou'll have a choice of one international buffet restaurant (Vista Allegre) and three a-la-carte eateries, each specialising in a different cuisine. Indulge in Italian food at elegant Piamonte, Creole at rustic El Racho and delectable grilled meats and vegetables at La Tarraya. The two in-house snack bars (El Bar and Agua Claras) are open all day long for snacks and late night drinks. If you're travelling with smaller kids in tow, you can always take advantage of the resort's babysitting services (at extra cost) and enjoy a few relaxing drinks after dinner.

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Things to do in Cayo Coco in January

Although beach bumming seems to be the activity of choice here on Cayo Coco (for great reason) there are also a few other interesting places, which you ought to check out.

Spend a day off the sun lounger and take yourself on an enlightening visit to a local cigar making factory. To get the most out of your day, we suggest you book a seat on anorganised tour, which can be arranged through your resort. It should be noted that Cayo Coco is certainly not the best place for a cigar or culture laden tour, but considering Havana is quite far from here this is really the next best option.

On a classicMoronDay Trip you'll be guided on an eye-opening trip through therealside of Cuba. The at times dilapidated town is a must-see, with its cobbled streets, vintage American cars and hordes of locals getting about on horse-drawn carts. The sight of traditional architecture is a wonderful change from the touristy resort side of Cayo Coco, and the inclusion of a visit to a cigar factory and crocodile farm makes for a brilliant and interesting day out.

You can also hire a4WD for the dayand explore the gorgeous countryside of Cayo Coco. Aside the resorts here, there are no other settlements, as all the hotel workers commute daily from the main island. Discover lesser visited beaches on the promontory and cross the 17km cause way to visit some of the smaller villages nearby. Life is here is simple at best and in stark contrast with what you'll experience within the boundaries of your luxury resort. Get out and about for the day and you'll enjoy an unrivalled culture fix.


What is the Weather like in Cayo Coco mid January? ›

Unlike the wet season when temperatures are at their highest, Cayo Coco weather in January is milder and more comfortable. January is the coolest time of the year with highs of 27°C.

What is the Weather like in Cayo Coco in December and January? ›

Weather in Cayo Coco

December to April is the dry season, with warm and dry weather that's perfect if you want to avoid heavy rain showers. Temperatures in Cayo Coco reflect the sub-tropical climate with an average yearly temperature of 28°C. The dry season has highs of 28°C and evening lows between 17°C and 19°C.

Which part of Cuba is warmest in January? ›

In January, Cuba enjoys 7-8 hours of daily sunshine and average maximum temperatures of around 26-30ºC. It's a little warmer in Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad (30ºC) on the south coast than in the capital Havana and Varadero (27ºC) on the north coast.

Is January good for Cuba? ›

Although Cuba enjoys good weather throughout the year, the month of January is especially ideal for visiting Cuba. It is a time when there is hardly any rain and temperatures are between 17°C (minimum) and 28°C (maximum), so the climate allows any type of plans, such as both land and water activities.

Does it rain in Cuba in January? ›

Cuba Weather in January

The country sees about 15 days of rainfall throughout January, but the skies clear up quickly leaving behind classic Cuban sunshine. The temperatures ideally sit around 27°C in cities like Havana, Vinales, and many other parts of the country.


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